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Double Glazed Units

Glass Replacements Ltd have been manufactured sealed double-glazed units in-house since 1990, so our experience is second to none. We pride ourselves on the quality of our double-glazed units, with each unit meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards set by the European Standards BSEN 1279.

UKCA Inspected
Double Glazing Seal Colours

We offer an extensive selection of sealed double-glazed units, tailored to suit your preferences with a variety of thicknesses and colours.

Whether you’re seeking to complement the hues of your space or seamlessly integrate with existing panels in your property, we’ve got you covered.

Warm Edge Super Spacer Double Glazed Units

Enhance your windows with Warm Edge Super Spacer Double Glazed Units, a solution proven to decrease condensation by up to 70%.

Our Warm Edge Super Spacer Double Glazed Units feature Low E Glass and Argon Gas filling, ensuring optimal insulation and energy efficiency in each unit.

By incorporating Super Spacer, a non-conductive material, into window frames, condensation is virtually eliminated. This innovative technology can elevate the internal glass edge temperature by as much as 65% compared to standard double-glazing, resulting in a significant 70% reduction in condensation.

Take advantage of our competitive reglazing service to upgrade your home’s glazing. With our Warm Edge Super Spacer Double Glazed Units, you can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 94%, leading to lower fuel bills, decreased energy consumption, and fewer condensation issues in the future.

For further details, watch Edgetech’s informative Warm Edge Super Spacer Video.

Warm Edge Super Spacer Double Glazed Units

Patterned Glass

Pattered  glass is used throughout the home, most commonly used in bathrooms and doors providing privacy without losing the benefits of natural daylight.

Here at Glass Replacements we offer the Pilkington Texture Glass range, comprising of 12 different patterned glass designs from classic to contemporary.

Our textured glass is available in float and toughened glass. We also offer laminated glass for additional safety and security.

Duplex Double Glazed Units

What exactly is a Duplex Bar? Duplex Bars are primarily used by joiners in the making of timber windows. They create the illusion of individual double-glazed units, within a single pane of glass. Once glazed beading is applied on top of the bars, the single pane looks like multiple units within the frame.

Duplex Bars on Arched Doubled Glazed Window

Lead Designs

Our specialist team can reproduce any traditional lead pattern using self-adhesive lead.

Self-adhesive lead is available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm widths and comes in Silver, Aged-Effect, Black or Gold.

If it’s that original lead light look that you are after, we can solder all the joints and age the lead for that special finish.

We will also work alongside our customers to produce your very own bespoke design, from artwork to production, through to the finished design.

Discover the superior quality and energy efficiency of our Double Glazed Units, designed to enhance your living spaces with enhanced insulation and reduced condensation. With options like Warm Edge Super Spacer technology and Pilkington Texture Glass, we offer a comprehensive range to suit any need. From traditional lead patterns to modern duplex bars, our products cater to various styles and preferences.

Trust Glass Replacements Ltd to deliver bespoke solutions, from replicating classic designs to crafting custom creations, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Some of our Recent Double Glazed Units:

Reach out to us today if you'd like to discuss Double Glazed Units for your next project.

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