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Processed Glass

Welcome to Glass Replacements Ltd’s Processed Glass Solutions, creating custom glass features for your home. Our Processed Glass, ranging from 4mm to 19mm thickness, opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to shape, polish, bevel, drill, or sandblast glass to suit your unique preferences across a range of applications.

Balustrading & Processed Glass Glazing to Apartments at Abbey End, Kenilworth

Whether you require glass for bespoke table tops, sophisticated worktops, feature shower screens or elegant stair balustrades, our processed glass is designed to elevate every corner of your home. 

The glass-fronted design of balconies and step-out balconies introduces a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics, natural light and unobstructed views. Our glass panels, subtly secured with a variety of brackets, redefine the conventional balcony appearance, offering a refreshing alternative to the traditional cage-like structures.

Processed Glass Landing

Transform your staircase into a focal point with processed glass, maximising natural light and creating an airy, spacious ambience. The incorporation of processed glass not only adds a touch of sophistication but also contributes to a modern, open feel in your home.

For those seeking an extra layer of style, consider sandblasted glass, which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your staircase but also allows for a polymacoated finish. This finish serves a dual purpose, adding a sleek look while preventing those inevitable sticky finger marks.


At Glass Replacements Ltd, we believe in turning your design visions into reality. Explore the endless possibilities with our processed glass solutions, where functionality meets elegance. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our processed glass to suit your specific needs, making your home uniquely yours.

Some of our Recent Projects:

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